Honda Self Balancing Motorcycle, The Most Innovative Bike Launched At CES 2017

Combining power, style and next generation technology, Honda Motors has launched world most innovative, sports bike with Self balancing technology. Honda Self Balancing Motorcycle’s main motto is to give you trouble and hassle free safe ride. It’s inspired by, BMW Motorrad’s  self-balancing Vision Next 100 Concept bike.  This futuristic bike showcased at CES(Consumer Electronics Show) 2017 at Los Vagas. 

Honda Self Balancing Motorcycle can enjoy safe and smooth ride unique achieved with the 350cc-class compact body. The chassis will roll on a set of 17-inch spoke wheels while the heavy batteries which would keep the CG low. It comes with Honda Riding Assist motorcycle leverages the company’s Robotics technology to give you self-balance in slow speed.

Honda Riding Assist uses gyroscopes puts a lot of weight and allows you give trouble free smooth ride in any condition.   This new Technology keeps the bike perfectly balanced because it’s ushing front suspension lengthening the bike’s wheelbase and, disconnecting the front forks from the handlebars.

At last I would like to say that Honda Self Balancing Motorcycle coming to revolutionise the world of mobility. What more you want  Honda? Please be open to give your view and stay tuned for more updates.