Tesla Model X unveiled Electric SUV with Falcon Wings doors

Tesla Model X electric

Tesla Motors has unveiled its most awaited new electric SUV, the Model X at in California. This is the Tesla’s third to make electric car mainstream. It is also worlds first fully electric SUV and also it is very much similar to Tesla Model S in terms of design.

The Tesla Model X is comes in with six and seven seats option, a 43cm touch screen for controlling driving and infotainment system, and double-hinged falcon wing doors that can open with just 30cm of space either side of the SUV. Other interior of Model X inherits the high-end cabin from the Tesla Model S.

For exterior design and look it is very mush as look like Model S the only difference is just double wings rear back side door.

Tesla Model X electric interior

The latest Model  will be comes in two variants. Both models get  the all four wheel drive features with the 90D model offering 259PS engine, providing a 0 to 100 kmph in just 4.8 second in estimated range of 414km. The next variant P90D has offering 503PS engine for a standard 0 to 100kmph in only 3.8 second. Both the model will get top speed up to 155mph.

For pricing, it will available at $132,000 (Roughly Rs.86,55,300) and $144,000 (Roughly Rs. 94,38,545). booking start and will delivered the later half on 2016. Tesla motors also said that it plans to unveil a lower cost version vehicle in 2017.