BMW i8 Concept Launched in India Priced At Rs 2.29 Crore

German luxury car maker, BMW has invented a world class Eco-friendly super car  combining futuristic design, lighter in weight, greater efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety. but what makes it best than other it’s light weight because the car frames have been manufactured using plastic materials that have been reinforced with carbon fiber and innovative design.  BMW i8 finally launched in Indian market priced at Rs 2.29 Crore.BMW i8 price and Review BMW i8 mileage BMW Launches i8

“The BMW i8 Concept is the next step in the evolution of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept. This  innovative plug-in hybrid concept combines the modified electric drive system powered by a 1.5-litre TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder engine, an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack capable of producing maximum output of 370PS and capable to rocket from 0-100kmph in 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 250 kmph weighs just 1490kg offers Fuel Economy in 47.45 Km/l. It allow the two drive systems to display their respective talents to the full, delivering the performance of a sports car but the fuel consumption of a small car.

BMW i8 Concept is 2+2-seater offers enough space for four people, giving it a high level of everyday practicality” can rocket from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under five seconds combined with fuel consumption in the European cycle of 2.7 litres per 100 kilometres (approx. 104 mpg imp). with a combined fuel consumption in the European test cycle of less than 3 liters/100 km (78 MPG) and average real fuel consumption of between five and seven liters (33 – 47 MPG). Thanks to the eDrive technology with its large lithium-ion battery, which can be charged from a domestic power supply, the BMW i8 Concept can travel up to 35 kilometres (approx. 20 miles) on electric power alone.

While for saftey BMW i8 Concept combines new Driver Assistance systems, the BMW i8 has a large number of camera-based support systems.

If a person or an obstacle is detected, the city collision warning with braking feature for pedestrians decelerates the vehicle in a speed range of approx. 10 km/h to 60 km/h. The collision warning additionally affords protection against a rear-end collision with the vehicle ahead at higher speeds. If it is no longer possible to avoid an accident, the braking functions help to reduce the impact speed.

The camera systems of Surround View and Side View with object detection offer maximum comfort and facilitate parking. Additional functions such as the High Beam Assistant ensure greater safety and comfort during your journey.

While BMW Head-Up Display transfers information relevant for driving directly into your field of vision and thus increases concentration at the wheel.

What’s more you can also use it to show infotainment details such as information on radio stations and music tracks as well as telephone directory entries and call lists.

The symbols projected onto the windscreen appear in full colour with brilliant resolution. The displays appear in a position that is especially ergonomically favourable on the windscreen, which you can adapt individually.

Projection intensity adapts automatically to the external lighting conditions; there are also different day and night displays.

The lithium-ion high-voltage battery joins the two sections of the Drive module and is thus ideally protected against outside influences. A specially developed heating and air conditioning system ensures as few temperature fluctuations as possible, which significantly increases the service life of the battery.

BMW i8,  Battery Guard supports you by monitoring the high-voltage battery of the vehicle and notifying you if a deviation from the planned charging procedure occurs or, for example, if the vehicle lights have been left on for too long. This means that an unwanted excessive discharge can be avoided. In the event of an accident, the high-voltage battery is automatically disconnected, thus ensuring no further unwanted energy can flow into the vehicle.

The high-voltage battery of the BMW i8 carries a warranty for a period of 8 years or a distance of 100,000 km, whichever comes sooner.

At last I would like to say that BMW i8 Concept is the replica of your dream car coming to change your life. What you think? Please be open to give your view.