2014 Honda CTX700/ CTX700D will be Available From Spring 2013 Priced Between $7,799 to $8,799.

Honda Motors wonderfully crafted your dream bike and named it all new 2014 Honda CTX700/ CTX700D which will be available from spring 2013 priced between $7,799 to $8,799.

New 2014-Honda-CTX700 AND CTX700D


  1. CTX700 Price $7,799(Candy Red or Pearl White)
  2. CTX700D Price $8,799(Cool Candy Red)

2014 Honda CTX700 is powered by Sophisticated liquid-cooled SOHC eight-valve 670cc parallel-twin engine pumps out abundant torque in the low-end and midrange for easily accessible power mated with  a standard a manual six-speed transmission while the CTX700D with DCT/ABS features a second-generation automatic six-speed Honda Dual Clutch Transmission that uses two hydraulically controlled clutches to deliver quick and smooth gear changes in a choice of three modes: Manual (MT), which allows the rider to shift gears using buttons, and two automatic (AT) modes—S for sport riding and D for everyday use. DCT model also features an Antilock Braking System (ABS) to provide full antilock functionality for powerful and secure braking action.

It also offers you Upper fairing and windscreen divert wind around the rider, adding to comfort and reducing fatigue. An impressively broad torque curve gives the CTX700 a remarkably linear and smooth power delivery. A relatively long engine stroke (80.0mm combined with a 73.0mm bore) and a high-inertia crankshaft are design elements that add to the CTX700′s extremely tractable power characteristics. The 62-degree forward lean given to the cylinder assembly facilitates near-vertical mounting of the single 36mm throttle body for superior intake port positioning and shaping. In addition, special shaping to the combustion chambers further enhance engine combustion efficiency for clean burning and optimal power production, An engine balancer shaft quells vibration for smooth, comfortable operation, and rubber-mounted footrests also add to rider comfort and Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) continuously monitors numerous variables to ensure the correct fuel mixture for existing riding and atmospheric conditions, thereby delivering optimal performance and remarkably crisp throttle response over a wide range of operating conditions.(Press Release)

At last I would like to say that new 2014 Honda CTX700/ CTX700D is the best touring for long distance travel. What you think? Please be open to give your view.