The Safest Car, 2013 Volvo V40 with Innovative safety systems Unveiled at 2012 Geneva Motor Show

The best car is not about style, luxury and performance but a best car always stands for safety and that’s what Volvo thought and unveiled the new V40 small wagon at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show with innovative safety system. This compact five-door hatchback is the  replacement of both the S40 saloon and V50 estate.

V40’s advance  safety system includes an airbag to protect not the people inside the car but pedestrians and cyclists. If sensors in the front bumper sense an impact with a human (but not a moose) leg, the rear edge of the bonnet lifts, and an airbag pops out to cover the hard areas at the base of the windscreen and the front pillars. Actually you really, really shouldn’t hit anyone, because a second safety system will warn you if there’s an obstacle ahead, and even brake if you don’t.

It also includes a detection technology which uses radar and cameras to determine if someone steps out in front of the car. If the driver does not respond in time, the car will automatically activate the brakes while  The dashtop GPS navigators provide speed limit warnings. According to The Telegraph.

At last I would like to say that new Valvo V40 small wagon is the safest car on road coming to give you safest ride with luxury, style and performance. Now what more you want from Valvo? Please be open to give your view.