2013 Kia K9 Sedan Price, Review, First Look, Release date, Specification, Features and Images

Kia Motors Corp. brings you the  biggest sedan ever, the K9, Kia’s first rear-wheel sedan which is going to hit South Korean market  later this spring”.  It is likely to  sear the platform of  Genesis sedan of Kia’s sister Hyundai Motor Co. According to The Wall  Street  Journal.

The letter “K” represents not only Kia and Korea, but also refers to the Greek word “Kratos” (meaning powerful, domination and reign) and the English word “Kinetic” (meaning active, dynamic).

Kia K5 and K7 is already on sale in South Korea, The upcoming K9 expected to come in three engine option as  a 3.8-litre V6 , a 4.6-litre V8  and a 5.0-litre ‘Tau’ V8 engine  matted with an eight-speed, or possibly even a 10-speed, automatic transmission. It is expected to go on sale  below $58,750 and  hit the US market after it’s launch but  how ever no official confirmation  from Kia.

At last I would like to say that upcoming Kia K9 coming to redefine the world of mobility with it’s unbeatable styling, technology and luxury. What you think? Please be open to give your view.