2012 Toyota Aqua Hybrid(Prius c) Bagged 12,0000 Booking in one Month.

Toyota Motors has found the best solution of rising fuel prices,  while making new 2012 Aqua Hybrid, the smallest, cheapest and most fuel efficient hybrid car in world market which is on sale in Japan, US and Canada priced between $21,7905 to $23,760.

New Aqua broken all the sales record and bagged 12,0000 booking in one month. It’s achieved the 12 month sales target in one month.  Currently it’s available in Japan,US and Canada soon it will hit the Indian market too

This five seater hybrid  comes with a  lightweight hybrid system combines a 1.5-liter engine with a high-output motor to create the most efficient hybrid powertrain yet. It an give you fuel economy of  35.4 km/L (83.3 mpg U.S., 2.8 l/100km) and 40.0 km/l (94 mpg U.S., 2.5 l/100km).

 At last I would like to say that new 2012 Toyota Aqua Hybrid or Prius C is the most fuel efficient cheapest hybrid car born to change your life. What you think? Please be open to give your view.