Volkswagen Unveiled new All-electric E-Buster Concept at 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Volkswagen has unveiled new all-electric E-Buster based on the new Beetle  at 2012 Detroit Show. The E-Buster is powered by a  a 28.3kWh lithium-ion battery pack  which can travel up to  110 miles in single charge and will rocket from 0-60mph in 10.9sec like Jetta hybrid. How ever no confirmation of pricing, release date and other specifications.

This two-in-one wonder hidden everything to please and satisfy you. What you think? Please be open to give your view.

One thought on “Volkswagen Unveiled new All-electric E-Buster Concept at 2012 Detroit Auto Show

  1. Im looking for a valid ‘all electric’ but there are 2 things stopping me…
    1. Range: I commute 50 miles to work. With the ‘standards’ I wouldnt even be able to go out for lunch and be able to go home without worrying about running out and sitting on the road. I need more cushion.

    2. Cost: While the eco cars play at cost to operate and what have you the truth is its no more cost effective currently than a gas vehicle. I did some calculations on my 2005 taurus and for 5 years its cost me in excess of 35k (gas, oil etc.) yet the only thing that meets and beats #1 is the Tesla which costs an excess of 40k.

    If the makers are serious about the eco concept then they might need to do alot more to make it appealing to general public as far as a comparison rather than just throwing it out to the ‘tree huggers’ and fanatics. I completely agree the electric angle is the future… but I really wish they wouldnt make it so damn hard to catch the train.

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