Vespa Unveiled MP3 hybrid ‘Reverse’ Trike and LX125 scooter at 2012 Auto Expo

Remembering my school days and the craze of Vespa. Can Vespa brig back the old charm again? I know difficult  to answer but as far as I concern old is gold and Vespa will again glitter in the Indian market. You see the After a long time Vespa interned in to Indian market and all set to rock the Indian umarket with it’s MP3 Hybrid reverse trike and the 125cc LX125 scooter, which Vespa has showcased  at the 2012 Auto Expo.

The MP3 Hybrid Reverse Trike is uniquely designed and totally different from the regular Vespa  because it offers you two wheels at front and one at the rear and propelled by hybrid powertrains . It  can lean around the corner like 2 wheeler fashion. Great thing, it’s a zero-emissions, three-wheeled hybrid scooter. 

Now come to LX125 scooter which is powered by 125cc engine but pricing is higher than the regular Vespa. Bajaj has already said no to Scooters and LML is is n dying stage. Let’s see how far Vespa can go to please and satisfy the people.

The MP3 hybrid trike and LX125 scooter is expected  to be launched in March 2012. How ever no words of pricing, specifications and release date.

At last I would like to say that It’s very difficult to for Vespa to bring back the old days back but not impossible. I am sure Vespa will be the next choice of people. What you think? Please be open to give your view.

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