Maruti unveils SUV XA Alpha at Auto Expo 2012

India’s  largest car maker Maruti Suzuki unveiling its compact SUV XA Alpha at 11th Auto Expo, New Delhi.  Maruti Suzuki managing director and CEO Shinzo Nakanishi said.

 “The choice of automobile will be dictated more and more by the way of life of customers. We will launch new products and create new categories to their choice,”.

Maruti  XA Alpha  will be powered by a K-Series Diesel engine offers you five person seating space. It will cost around 10 Lakh in India Expected Release date is 2013. How ever no word of pricing, release date and specifications.

At last would like to say that upcoming Maruti  XA Alpha is a revolution is SUV market coming to rock the world. What you think? Please be open to give your view.

3 thoughts on “Maruti unveils SUV XA Alpha at Auto Expo 2012

  1. I am very keen on going in for this car. I just love it !!!!
    I really need to know if it would be coming earlier in the market. 2013 is too late 🙁 and by then some others may take up the market. Also need some pics on the interiors, please ….

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