Honda Click 125i Price, Release date,Review, Specifications, Features

Now get the power and styling of bike in a scooter because Honda has planning to sale new  125-cc sports scooter in Thailand. I am talking about  the Click 125i which going to hit the road  in January 2012.

The new Handa Click 125i is based on 2006 debut  Click 110 sports scooter in Thailand. The Click 125i is the first model to be powered by a eSP, Honda’s newly developed 125-cc global engine for scooters, which boasts improved durability, quietness, and high fuel efficiency.

All new Handa Click 125i also equipped with the PGM-FI*2 (Programmed Fuel Injection) system was launched in 2008, achieving a high-level balance between riding performance and fuel efficiency.

The Handa Click 125i presents a sporty design with aggressive and innovative looks based on the image of the new engine featuring cutting-edge technology and an exhilarating ride, while inheriting the “slim & sharp” concept of the Click-i. “According to Honda.

Honda plans to install the eSP global engine for scooters on a wide range of 125-cc scooter models that will be launched in various countries throughout the world starting in 2012.

At last I would like to say that new Honda Click 125i sports scooter coming to give you the pleasing and safe ride without compromising your  style and performance.

2 thoughts on “Honda Click 125i Price, Release date,Review, Specifications, Features

  1. I had a click 110cc i before, but they gave me 25000 baht for my old moped and the new 125 i costs just the same as my old one 2 1/2 years ago. So now I’m riding the new version, and I don’t regret the change. Many minor points are improved like: bigger petrol tank, higher ground clearance, easier to open the seat, greater place under the seat, less starting noise and many more. I think the fuel usage is about the same (2 L./100 km). I can’t find the exact outputs of the new engine yet, but it is much more powerfull then the 110cc. Acceleration is much faster and doesn’t drop above 40 km/h. I friend of mine has a Yamaha 135LC and, after riding my click for a while, he says that it accelerates faster than his one and is much more fun to ride. I don’t know the top speed, but I think I never will, going above 100 km/h is nothing for me. I know that it’s also a reliable and very inventive piece of technology with only a little maintenance. I like it so far.

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