Tata Nano Diesel Can give you Fuel Economy of 40 kmpl Coming By 2012- Expected Price Rs 2 lakh to 3 lakh

Now see Dream in open eyes because Tata motors has fulfilled the dreams of common man after inventing the dream car Tata Nano because Nano is the cheapest car in world market. But this time Tata Nano coming new Avatar, off course I am talking about Tata Nano Diesel, which will be the most fuel efficient car in India expected to be launch in first half of 2012 in an expected price between  Rs 20,0000 to Rs 30,0000.

Upcoming Tata Nano diesel powered by a 700cc, DiCOR diesel engine expected to achieve a maximum power of 35Bhp and also have a peak torque of 110Nm matted with 4-speed manual transmission but give you the performance and fuel economy of a typical 180cc motorcycle and promising you mind blowing mileage of 40 kilometres on a litre of diesel with the  top speed of 105kmph.

A senior executive of Bosch India, which is helping Tata Motors develop the engine for the model, said, “We have worked with Tata Motors for Nano’s petrol version and we are working with it for the diesel version too. The car has a two-cylinder, 700cc engine which develops healthy power without compromising on fuel economy. Although official test figures have not been revealed, we expect it to run 40 km on one litre of diesel.”According to Rediff.com.

At last I would like to say that New Tata Nano diesel, the most affordable and most fuel efficient car combines power, style and performance in affordable price, which impossible invent anywhere.  Now what more you want in your dream car, Please be open to give your view.

7 thoughts on “Tata Nano Diesel Can give you Fuel Economy of 40 kmpl Coming By 2012- Expected Price Rs 2 lakh to 3 lakh

  1. i am interested for the car. when it will booked and delivered for users let us know. the car is best for senior citizens and middle class people. specifications of diesel engine is top secrete. i think this only dream for peoples even tata company is not sure about the car launching in India.

  2. My brother’s boss has bought a TATA Nono with AC just few days back after selling his Honda City car. I got surprise to see that but I think there no wrong on doing this. Now a days fuel, parking becoming very costly in cities. In these condition Tata Nano type green vehicle are coming to rescue us. Some people think what other will think when they update in Facebook that ” I purchased a new TATA Nano…” This type of thinking is obscured.

  3. Right Work at Right Time Gives Right Results!!!

    If “TATA NANO DIESEL ” wanted to be popular famous successful like “RAJNIKANTH” or like Kolaveri DI song which was leaked and released before music launch on internet and youtube same strategy tata motors can follow for tata nano diesel then it should be really launched by january 2012 and i know it will really break all world records of sales of any 4 wheeler ever on earth anytime anywhere for next even 100 years this record will stay in hunt. mind and remeber my words right thing at right time brings right results !!!INDIAN public is very emotional so best time to cash in and catch in is january 2012.

    Hey Tata team i wanted to be first customer of TATA NANO DIESEL (TOP MODEL) in INDIA mind it it will break all world records if released and launched at right time in january 2012 ,The best time to Launch nano diesel is auto expo 2012 january 2012 then it can break all world records of selling any four wheeler on earth if TATA NANO TEAM and marketing and sales team understands the mentality and psychology of indian public they should launch Tata nano diesel version in january 2012 i m sure it will break all world records of any 4 wheeler sales anywhere on earth ! my contact numbe is 989302216,9993022268 and 8109068188 i m eagerly waiting for TATA NANO DIESEL and infact i want to be the first customer of tata nano diesel in india officially as i know this car model in diesel version is going to break all world records of all time in autmobiles please remember my words and opinion final lines are same Right Work at Right Time Gives Right Results!!! By Prashant Rathore

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