Land Rover unveils New DC 100 and DC100 Sports Concepts at 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show

Combining power, style, luxury  and performance Land Rover has unveiled the versatile and uniquely capable strong, specious and efficient two new concept cars at the Auto Show held in Los Angeles. The  twins are named as the Land Rover DC 100 and the Land Rover DC100 Sports.

Both this car following the concept of  Defender 90 and if you are  Defender 90 lover than DC100 and DC100 Sports will be more attractive to you because these twins are spotting a permanent 4 wheel drive and 8-speed transmission and also offering you  advance technology like an intelligent responsive system for terrain driving. Both are born to please and satisfy you but DC100 Sports comes with a removable top while DC100 missing it.

How ever no worlds of pricing and release date and other specifications  from Land Rover.

At last I would Land Rover DC 100 and the Land Rover DC100 Sports coming soon to rule the world as well as your hearts with unbeatable styling, power, luxury  promising world class on-road and off-road  performance. What you think? Please be open to give your view.