Google Self Driving Car Coming Soon To Rule The World & Hearts


The New Invention By Google 

The God of Internet and Search giant Google Inc. ruling  the world of technology as well millions of hearts but this time Google eyeing one the automobile market and so planning to make  a mind blowing, wonderful unique driverless vehicles  in United States of America.

Technology has limit but Google has broken all the barriers of technology and on the way to change your life. This innovative creation of modern age from Google’s X lab almost ready to hit the road soon.Google has already confirmed that in 2010 it has already tested the vehicles on road after informing local cops using laser range finder, video cameras and radar sensors for detecting other traffic. The map software of Google informs the vehicle where to go.

Google Inc. also added, ” Self Driving cars need a person to  take control of the vehicle easily once the cruise control is disengaged. You koow , this wonderful vehicles has already completed the journey of  approximately 140,000 miles on the roads of United States. This  self driving cars is first apprived by Nevada in United States.

This next generation technology from Google transformed our dream in reality and coming soon to give us the dream ride on earth. What you think? Can Google Inc. will rule the automobile market by it’s upcoming self driving car? What is the future of this  self driving car? Please be open to give your view.