BMWs Hybrid-Electric i8 Sports Car and All-Electric i3 SUV Coming Soon…Hold Your Heart!

See Dream in Reality 

BMW has ruled the million of hearts around the world trough it’s world class cars with unbeatable styling, luxury and performance but this time BMW want make a hybrid world so invented two world class Eco-friendly Vehicle in affordable price to give you the dream ride. These twins are designed by Richard Kim while keeping needs of the urban drivers in mind.

Yaa recently BMW has showcased two eco-friendly models as All-electric i3 SUV and Hybrid Electric i8 Sports, the show was organized in New York City. Both cars are hidden so many specialty like new futuristic design, lighter in weight, greater efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety. but what makes it best than other it’s light weight because the car frames have been manufactured using plastic materials that have been reinforced with carbon fiber and innovative design.

Do you know what makes them different from each other it’s mileage because BMW i3 can go 80 to 100 miles on a single charge while i8 can moves 20 to 30 miles only. However i8 with the internal combustion engine can move a sizeable 300 miles in single charge.

I am sure after getting the first look of  i3 as well as the i8 make you crazy, just check out the picture and fell the difference.

If you are a BMW lover and want this than have patience because The you have to wait for i3 till 2013 whereas the i8 can be expected only in 2014. However the pricing and full specification and release date not confirmed yet.

At last I would like to say that upcoming All-electric i3 SUV and Hybrid Electric i8 Sports coming to give you the best with promising style, luxury and performance in affordable price. Now what more you want in BMW i3 and i8? Please be open to give your view. BMW will be pleased to make your dream car.