Benq Multi Media Projector DGS&D Rate Contract 2011-12

Benq Multi-Media Projector DGS&D Rate Contract has been awarded to Redington India Limited and Redington India Limited handling the execution of orders for Benq. The last years 2010-2011 was better year for Redington India Limited concerned of business related to DGS&D Rate Contract. Redington India Limited was the front runner in market share in IBM Blade Server, IBM SAN Storage, Fujitus Workstation and Laptops, AutoCad Software in corresponding catagories of DGS&D Rate Contracts.

Benq is the No.1 in MultiMedia projector Brand in India. It has operations in more than 38 countries. It won more than 244 international design awards. Benq has more than 125000 employees across globe. Year 2010 revenue for Benq group was exceeded US$ 25 Billion.

Redington India Limited’s reach across India and Benq’s Technology make it a deadly combination and boon for customers.

In Multimedia Projector Rate Contract this year below projector models are available:

RC No. Model  Lumen  Resolution  Price  Remarks
34 SH910  4000 1920×1080 Rs. 140000
49 SH910  4000 1920×1080  Rs. 150000 Wirelss Connectivity
54 MX711 3000 1024 x 768 Rs. 47490.5
56 MX761  4000 1024 x 768 Rs. 80000 Obsolete, New Model MX764
97 MX511 2500 1024 x 768 Rs. 30500

Redington India Limited is also running some more DGS&D rate Contract at present along with Benq Multi Media Projector are IBM Blade Server, IBM SAN Storage, IBM Rack and Tower Server, Fujitsu Workstation, Fujitsu Laptop, AutoCad products etc.

Related to DGS&D Business query please contact below persons from Redington:
Mr. Vikas Kumar Contact No. 011-30876113 (DGS&D Business, Govt. Sales)
Mr. Dev Kumar Contact: 09312959680 (DGS&D Business, Govt. Sales)
Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Contact: 09313255312 (DGS&D Business, Govt. Sales)

Or Mail to

For Any Technical Queries:

Mr. Bharat Kumar Jaiswal   Contact:09312958745 (DGS&D Business, Product Specialist)

For DGS&D Rate Contract Copy, Please follow below links: DGS&D Rate Contract Copy

1. Download Benq Multi-Media projector Signed Rate Contract Copy
2. Download Benq Multi-Media projector Signed Rate Contract Amendment Copy

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