2013 Ford Focus Coupe Review, Photo and Design…

Looking for a most stylish and luxurious Coupe than  2013 Ford Focus Coupe is the best choice. Recently Ford has released the bold and beautiful Focus with more attractive Avatar and chrome accents.

2013 Ford Focus Coupe looks like a sports car and holds  2+2 seat concept  developed and designed by David Cardoso to 2013MY. It  falls the same class of Peugeot RCZ and  Honda CR-Z..

I would like to saw you the photo of gorgeous  2013 Ford Focus Coupe which inspired by 2011 Ford Focus Coupe.

I am sure after watching the pics of 2013 Ford Focus Coupe change your felling about a most stylish and luxurious car. What more you want in your Focus? Please be open to give your view.

2 thoughts on “2013 Ford Focus Coupe Review, Photo and Design…

  1. The 2013 Ford Focus Coupe gives me an overall ‘dynamic’ look; as if the car is in motion. Studying the car further, I like the cars grill and front view. I do not like the high hood line as it gives the car a too heavy too fat look. The roof line looks perfect for this kind of personal car although I do not think Ford will score very well on roll over test. I like the fender to wheel closeness. I also like the low side character line. I do not care for the second higher crease that carries to the back of the car. I really like the rear looks of this car which to my eye is so much better than the front of the car. Lastly, the wheel spokes look substantial being well thought out to handle the imposed load. the old guy

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