Terrafugia Transition:-This Flying Car Will Cost you $250,000

Terrafugia-Transition-Roadable-Sideview Terrafugia-Transition-Roadable-FrontviewFlying Car??? I am not talking about any  fairy tail story. It’s reality, now a car can fly like a aeroplane and this Flying car is named as Terrafugia Transition. It expected to hit the road with in five year while U.S Govt. already given it green signal.

According to TOI ” The Terrafugia Transition is  actually a two-seater light aircraft, which has a top speed of 185 kmph, a range of 800km on a tank of fuel and requires just 20 hours training to fly”. This dream car will cost you around $250,000.

The vehicle, which requires just 15 seconds to fold its wings and re-route power from the propeller to the rear wheels, can be driven at up to 100kmph and will comfortably fit in a standard size garage.

According to the Daily Mail, Terrafugia founder Carl Dietrich was quoted as saying  “It’s like a little Transformer.

At last I would like to say that nothing is impossible in this world and the making of Terrafugia Transition Flying car is the biggest example in front of us. So wait 5 year more to make your dreams in reality…

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