IBM Blade Server DGS&D Rate Contract 2011-12

IBM Blade Server DGS&D Rate Contract again renewed and Redington India Limited again handling the execution of orders for IBM. The last years 2010-2011 was better year for Redington India Limited concerned of business related to IBM Blade Server. Redington India Limited was the front runner in market share in Blade Server in Blade Server Rate Contract.

This year’s Blade Server Rate Contract has some new product compare to last year. This year in IBM Blade Server Rate Contract, 6 core processor blade has been include, which was missing last year.

Redington India Limited’s reach across India and IBM’s Technology make it a deadly combination and boon for customers.

Redington India Limited is also running some more DGS&D rate Contract at present IBM SAN Storage, IBM Rack and Tower Server, Fujitsu Workstation, Fujitsu Laptop, AutoCad products etc.

Top Key Person for DGS&D Business in Redington are as below:
Mr. Vikas Kumar Contact No. 011-30876113 (DGS&D Business, Govt. Sales)
Mr. Dev Kumar Contact: 09312959680 (DGS&D Business, Govt. Sales)
Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Contact: 09313255312 (DGS&D Business, Govt. Sales)

For DGS&D Rate Contract Copy, Please follow the this link: DGS&D Rate Contract Copy

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  1. As per sources from Redington, DGS&D RC for IBM server was expired. New RC is expected to come in month of December' 12 or January'13.

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