Volkswagen Small Car Coming Soon In Affordable Price In India

The largest European car maker Volkswagen is making a small wonder to become the number one car maker in the world by 2018, According Financial Express that  Volkswagen India has started work on developing a small car that would be positioned below the Polo. The car is going to be the company’s cheapest offering in India till date.

The new Volkswagen small car is speculated to hit the Indian roads by next year. However the pricing, features and release date yet to be confirmed.
“Volkswagen’s proposed small car would have a higher local sourcing than the Polo,” a source with direct knowledge told FE. He said..
Volkswagen is planning to make a best car in affordable price not like Tata Nano which comes in a affordable price but looks like a toy and nothing else. Tata Nano is looking like cheap car as well as a smaller than the user. What is the need of such car which not suits your personality. Hope in that Volkswagen will not make the toy like Tata Nano in affordable price. Let’s see what will be the Avatar of Volkswagen small wonder.