Tata Nano Diesel:- World’s Cheapest Car Coming Soon In Diesel

The Small Wonder
Good thing always comes in small packages and Tata motors proved after inventing  Tata Nano.  Nano the four latter word born to fulfill the dream of common man because before Nano owing a car was a dream of common man but it’s affordable price fulfilled our dream.
Tata motors India’s largest automobile company introduced the world’s cheapest car Tata Nano, a complete Eco friendly car, with extraordinary mileage, perfectly designed for family, 100% safe & economical too.
Nano the most cheapest car ever introduced in world market & I am saying that its almost impossible to make another one like Nano because nothing like Nano.
On Indian soil Nano won the 2010 Edison awards, recognized as America’s innovation Award, its an honor for best new product segment under the transportation category.
The Nano is a 33 PS (33 hp/24 kW) car with a 623 cc rear engine and rear wheel drive, and has a fuel economy of 4.55 L/100 km (21.97 km/L, 51.7 mpg (US), 62 mpg (UK)) under city road conditions, and 3.85 L/100 km on highways (25.97 km/L, 61.1 mpg (US), 73.3 mpg (UK))
Nano is great from pricing to design and superbly deigned for common man. All new models of Nano available in many attractive colors, the price range starts from Rs. 115,361 to Rs. 172,361.

You know Nano is coming soon in diesel variant with modified technology and Expected price: Rs 1.8-2.2 lakh. Wait some time this year to get your dream car in new Avatar.

At last I would like to say that Tata Nano is the best car ever born in world market because it’s amazing from every angle just see the cool pricing, perfectly deigned to fight with traffic jams and now it’s coming in diesel variant, it’s really mind blowing. World’s cheapest car in diesel really rock the world, what you think?
For more details please contact:-
Tata Motors Limited
Phone: +912266657613
E-Mail: peoplescar@tatamotors.com
Website: http://www.tatanano.com

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