New BMW X1 :-The Revolution In SUV Market

A Car Made For India
The craze of BMW is on in world market due to it’s unbeatable quality, cool deign and at the end it’s performance and class that always hold uniqueness. Only  the price tag that not amaze you but rest of all really cool and attractive in new BMW X1. The world saying that BMW XI is revolution in SUV(Sports Utility Vehicles) market due to it’s extraordinary performance.
Recently Skoda Yeti, Volvo XC 60 hit the SUV market and rocked the world so the addition of  BMW X1 is really looking like adding fuel to fire.
The first look of BMW X1 tell you the story that it’s especially made for India and comes in price tag of Rs 22 lakh in patrol. it’s gives you an unbeatable mileage of 15 Km/lit. In compare to the diesel sedan and other best brands, X1 is extremely fuel-efficient.
This diesel sedan comes in sporty look with Nevada leather seats and the top end model comes kitted with iDrive navigation. The 2-litre engine churns out 130 hp torque that’s enough to throttle 100 kmph speed in 7.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 202 kmph and the single shift mated to the six-speed gearbox makes it easy to manoeuvre on narrow Indian roads and congested city traffic. I am sure BMW X1 can give you the speed of 3G and luxury of five star hotels so once you get in not like to come out.
Cool Features Of BMW X1
  • Engine                            2.0 litre
  • Power                           130 hp
  • Engine Displacement      1995cc
  • Torque                           350 Nm @1750-3000 rpm
  • 0-100 kmph                   7.6 seconds
  • Top Speed                     202 kmph
  • Transmission                  Automatic 6 speed fully synchronized
  • Price                              Rs 29.90 lakh (ex-showroom)
At last would like to say that new BMW X1 is a revolution in SUV market and especially designed for India as the world known what suits to Ind
ia that always be a hit but as far as I concern the price tag is not made for India, I think BMW need to work out on the price tag segment to become a hit in Indian market.