Electric-Network Vehicle (EN-V), The Future Car By GM

 The Future Car

Now a days the rise of fuel prices is a reason to worry and most people feels safe to use a public transport, indeed it’s economical but not comfortable and personal so General Motor gives  you a cool idea of future car that not only help to fight with rising fuel price but also traffic jams because New EN-V the future car by GM, A electric car and allows to park itself no need for a driver. I am sure it will give you a trouble free life.
According to Daily Mail report that GM unveiled the 2 seater Electric-Networked Vehicle in Las Vegas recently. Following are the highlights of EN-V;

•    Can rotate 360 degrees
•    Top speed of 25 mph
•    Can run for 25 miles on a single charge
•    OnStar technology to communicate with other cars

At last I would like to say that EN-V the future car by GM greatest evolution in world market because it’s greatly deigned for the need of next generation.

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