Olive Genie Multi purpose 3G Wireless USB modem

3G Internet – Still struggling with a wired dial-up connection? Kiss away your internet blues with Olive Genie 3G USB stick. The Genie lets you catch live TV, streaming videos and music on the net. Enjoy 3G connectivity in the palm of your hand, anytime anywhere. Just switch on your computer plug in the Genie and you’re connected.
MP3 player – Downloaded the latest tunes? No need to transfer them to a separate mp3 player. The Olive Genie 3g USB stick is also a nifty MP3 player. Enjoy crystal clear sound anytime, anywhere. 
Voice Recording – Record great conversations, important meetings, reminders, lectures or just your own singing. The Genie gives you a voice recording feature turning anyplace into your own mini recording studio.
Up to 32 GB Storage space – Be it images, music, videos or documents, now you carry your world with you.  The Olive Genie supports MicroSD  cards of up to 32 GB.  It can also work as a Micro SD memory card reader for your PC or laptop. Jack of all trades indeed, the Olive Genie
FM – Jive to your favorite music; catch up on news or just traffic alerts. With it’s built in FM radio, the Olive Genie makes you the king of the airwaves. Enjoy FM anytime.
Phonebook – Back up all your important contacts. Never miss a number again. The Olive Genie stores more than 500 phone numbers.
Voice Calls – Make voice calls on the Olive Genie. Connect the Genie to your laptop or pc and you can make voice calls at click. Simple, Effective, Convenient.
SMS – The Olive Genie allows you to send and receive smses in voice or online mode. Let the texting never stop.
Auto Install – All you have to do to use the Olive Genie is plug it in. Connect it to your USB port and sit back as the Olive Genie auto installs. No messy installation, no computer hanging.
Windows and Mac compatibility – Whether you are using Windows or Mac, the Genie loves both operating systems. With drivers pre-loaded on the Genie, installation is a breeze.

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  1. Nice product to harness the 3G facility provided by operator. You independent to choose any operator to use internet through DATA Card. That is the best thing of this DataCard.

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